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Cattolica Group

With 1,600 employees and over 3.6 million clients, a direct network of over 1,500 agencies and a premium volume of approximately Eur 4.8 billion, Cattolica Group is among the leading companies in the Italian insurance sector and offers a wide range of insurance and financial solutions specializing in the Life and Non-life lines. The company has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since November 2000, it is headquartered in Verona and operates throughout the country thanks to an extensive multi-channel distribution network, based on the agencies and branches of its partner banks.

Cattolica Group consists of eleven insurance and bancassurance companies (ABC Assicura, BCC Assicurazioni, BCC Vita, Berica Vita, Cattolica Life, Lombarda Vita, TUA Assicurazioni, Vera Vita, Vera Assicurazioni, Vera Protezione, Vera Financial), plus four companies active in the real estate, agricultural and operational services sectors (Cattolica Immobiliare, Cattolica Agricola, Cattolica Beni Immobili, Cattolica Services).

Over the years Cattolica, one of the pioneers of bank-insurance, has set up important partnership agreements in the life and non-life lines with several banking institutions, achieving a prominent position nationwide due to the number of its points of sale. Today Cattolica and the other bank-insurance companies of the Group can count on major banking partners and a network spread throughout the country.

The mission inspiring all the bank-insurance companies of the Group is to constantly support the distribution partners in the task of satisfying the security requirements of the individuals by protecting their health, family, assets and savings, guaranteeing not only quality products, but above all an ongoing support to the sale network and an appropriate advising and assistance service to the client.

With the objective of increasingly improve the offer and the enjoyment of the bank-insurance services, through a digital strategy integrated into the business, Cattolica has launched Click2Go: a multi-channel platform which allows the clients to access through a PC, telephone or tablet several services at any moment of the life cycle of the policy, from its estimate calculation to its issuance till the management of accidents and the compensation, if any.

The main banking partnerships of Cattolica Assicurazioni are currently with UBI Banca, with Iccrea and, more recently, with Banco BPM.

The agreement between Cattolica and UBI Banca provides for the distribution of insurance products of the joint venture Lombarda Vita through the bank branches and UBI Group’s network of financial advisers. The merging of these two great groups, for many years rooted in the territory because of their values and traditions, has created a wide commercial offer consisting of protection, saving and investment solutions for the Retail and Private clients.

Iccrea Holding is head of the Iccrea Banking Group, the group of companies which offer products and services for the operations of Credit Unions and Rural Credit Banks. Iccrea is one of the protagonists of the historical change that is occurring in the credit union with the estalishment of new national banking poles. Cattolica Assicurazioni is linked by strong entrepreneurial and cultural affinities to the world of the Credit Union and the companies Bcc Vita and Bcc Assicurazioni are the result of its alliance with Iccrea.

At the end of 2017 Cattolica and Banco BPM signed an agreement for the establishment of a strategic partnership, to last 15 years, in the life and non-life bank-insurance. Other important relationships of commercial partnerships and collaborations are in place with other credit institutions, among which Banca di Credito Popolare, Banca di Bologna, Banca Popolare Pugliese, Banca Galileo and Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato.

Cattolica Assicurazioni
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